About Our Film

Our eclectic production will be seen to completion by some of the best students Biola University has to offer. We aim to emulate the story’s message to regard people as the most valuable aspect of any creative endeavor.

With the aid of industry-standard equipment, professional workflow, and some killer positive attitudes, Aventura will be a tale told effectively and imaginatively.

This is a movie about taking a wild and wonderful road trip to make a movie. And guess what, we’re going to do the same. Think how mind-blowing our behind-the-scenes featurette will be; a movie about the making of a movie that’s about making a movie... Feel free to take a water break after reading that.

To tell the story authentically, we took a road trip ourselves whilst making the film (about filmmakers making a film on a road trip). 


Our Team

The producers and director for this feature have worked both above-the-line positions on several award winning short films and crew positions on fully unionized Hollywood features. All individuals acting in above the line positions for this film have a minimum of four years of professional working experience and several have received film achievement awards. 

Our crew knows their stuff and have years of experience working with the top of the line gear we'll be using.

Our Mission

We believe stories matter. Stories have the power to connect people and to get us thinking, talking, sharing, learning, interacting with fellow humans. We also believe it's important to laugh. That's why we want to tell this story–to take some time to recognize the importance of relationships and humor.

Our endeavor will not be without trials–we aim to make a film that looks like it was made with millions on a shoestring. We will do our absolute best, but we can only do so much. The story calls for a journey from California to Seattle. In order to be true to the story, we need to find ways to pay for transportation, lodging, meals, not to mention standard production costs like equipment rentals, insurance, filming permits, etc.

That's where you come in. Click here to find out how you can join us in the mayhem, yo.


Annaliese Franklin is an out-of-the-box thinker and intentional leader with a passion for stories that celebrate the uniquenesses in people. This sentiment  is reflected in Aventura and in her genuine appreciation for those she creatively collaborates with. Growing up in a Cuban-American household, it is an honor to explore characters who celebrate the culture of each.  In addition to directing both film and theatre, she has had her hand in a myriad of crew positions, thriving in everything from camera team to crafty. This increases her ability and insight as a servant leader and makes her a competent candidate for wielding the directorial reins.


Josh Nelson was one of the creators of short film Nuke The Moon, received “Biola Cinema & Media Arts Best Cinematography Award” in 2014 and “Biola Cinema & Media Arts Best Actor Award” in 2013. His wide skill set, ranging from acting, writing, music composition/performance, graphic design, and cinematography equips him well for the multi-faceted nature of independent filmmaking. He has diverse experience including working at an independent production company and, most recently, working as a production assistant on upcoming film, Captain Fantastic, starring Viggo Mortenson. Some of the work Josh will be doing: story development, web/graphic design, and fundraising.


Hannah Chu is the name; hard work is her game. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with a graphic designer for a father and creative schoolteacher for a mother. Naturally, she found her passion in filmmaking: the harmonious blend of art and story. She has been a leader in the art department on multiple student films and music videos, and also helped make other projects possible through a wide range of roles, from producing to PA-ing. Sometimes only volleyball or Junior Mints will jolt her out of her little cloud of screenplays, storyboards, and schedules.



Brian Harmon is a Seattle native and a senior at Biola University. He found his passion for storytelling at an early age, writing his first story when he was 6, and hasn’t stopped since. After two years of studying theatre, Brian’s passion for filmmaking was rekindled. He now owns a production company in Seattle filming weddings, music videos, and commercials. From writing to coordination to producing to editing; Brian is a powerful utility player who gets things done. Recently he has found a niche for Locations Managing, and now he gets the entire Pacific Coastline to secure. Challenge accepted.



Chaz Olivier is a Student Emmy Award winning Cinematographer born and raised in Seattle Washington. He has worked professionally on theatrically distributed feature films, C-span airing documentaries, commercials and music videos.

He recently worked as Digital Intermediate Colorist on “Boiling Pot” – a feature film set for theatrical release with such stars as Oscar Winner Louis Gossett Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman, Half-life 2), Danielle Fishel (Boy Meets World), Emmy Winner Keith David (Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Crash, The Bible TV Mini-Series).

He also recently served as Director of Photography on Fear Itself–a feature film directed by 3-time student Emmy award winning director Aaron Mirtes.


Rachel Adams has worked in many different capacities of filmmaking but has found a successful home in the movie magical world of UPM-ing. She has produced and Production Managed a number of short films and looks forward to working on such an exciting project as Aventura. She can not only schedule her way out a paper bag but will be working to make sure every penny of this production will be applied to its most efficient purpose. This film will get made, because she will make sure of it…and because she will be working with an incredible group of talented passionate people.


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