Rubber Hitting The Road

We've officially launched! We've had our first fundraising event and we've gotten over 1,300 views on our promo video! As we'd hoped, the video has gotten our site quite a bit more traffic and even a few contributions! We're also hoping that potential investors will catch a glimpse of our filmmaking chops in our video.

Now the hard part: raising the big money and prepping the film. Annaliese and Jeffrey (casting director) are working hard on casting the film this weekend and next weekend. I'm continuing to draft up an air tight business plan document, private placement memorandum, and sub agreement.

We're preparing for the Biola Bazaar at Biola Weekend (next weekend). We're looking forward to selling our slick 5-panel hats manufactured by Captuer Headwear in Portland, as well as a few other things (hopefully tattoos, stickers, etc.). It's going to be a blast!

I'd like to be able to start selling offerings to potential investors before then, so I'm needing to bump things into hyperdrive to put together a smashing set of documents. 

Ideally, we'd love to get $30k right away and use that to sign on a big name actor onto the project, then use that actor's star power to attract other investors. This may prove especially difficult considering our tight timeline. 

We're bringing on more people to delegate other jobs. I'm excited about the talent and joy that is represented in our team. Can't wait to see what God does in and through this project!

Alright. Gotta get back to hammering out those documents. 


Josh Nelson

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