Last November, I started a Google doc for myself with the [questionably heretical] re-write of the Romans 8:26 bible passage: 

"I do not know what I ought to screenwrite about. But the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with themes and plotpoints and character development that I cannot express."

Unlike some students, I did not enter the film program with that gold-star story. I had no dog-eared screenplay in my back pocket that I felt 100% destined to tell. This left me primarily panic-y,

"Am I a crappy film major? Am I really cut out for this? What am I passionate about? What do I care about? Do I care about anything? Am I a film major flop??

So I added to my Google doc...

Dear Lord,

Would you give me the story I’m supposed to tell and don’t let me come up with any ideas that aren’t what you want for me. Use me & use this story & stop me in my tracks super quick if this isn’t the right one. Be super obvious because I’m not too good at listening to you sometimes. 

Would you please give me what you have for me and take away the temptation to create something that you do not have for me. Also give me courage to recognize and use the gifts that you have given to me. Use my thoughts and guide my plans.


... and I set off in writing a movie! 

wish I had looked that productive. The reality is that a lot of time was spent passively venting on twitter: 

Through devoted coffee shop visits and helpful consultations with other funny people, by the end of the summer, I had a 40 page draft of Aventura. (Too long for a short film, too short for a feature film) 

"Great! The script is funny and good but it's way too long! Or way too short? Do we need to take the shears of reality to it or do we need to hash this sucker out?"

After much prayer and deliberation with the team, we decided to go for it. The script was going to grow. (More deets on that decision-making process in a different blog post).

I am happy to report that with the consultation of clever and cultural people, the script is at feature-length and in the final stage of rewrites. Script lock soon!

Thanks for reading,


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