This surrealist work of art is my magnum opus. Sadly, the Airheads Xtreme whale slip-'n'slide had to go before the fundraiser started. 


I wish I could spend every Friday night:

  • in Manhattan Beach,
  • enjoying homemade Cuban-style tacos,
  • listening to fantastic live music by Max Couce and his family, 
  • fellowshipping with people who are excited to hear about our vision for Aventura.

Journey of Faith Church and Annaliese's mom, Yoly (bless this woman), were so gracious in hosting our first fundraiser. Over a hundred guests showed up. We screened our "Happy Birthday Dad?" promo - which is a daymaker - and pitched our film to our audience over dessert. Story, crew, plan, budget, finances, helpweneedamotorcycle, the whole shebang. Afterwards we had so many people come up to us and offer their help and tell us that they'd be praying for each step of our own journey of faith in this cinematic endeavor. I was glowing when I left. 

As of now, there's a ton of items to be checked off the to-do list. I'm going to be focusing a lot on publicity events for Aventura this week, so come say hi at our booth during Biola Weekend on Oct. 25!

C o o l  t h i n g s  are on the horizon! 


We need your help!

We're making a movie. Wanna help?