Biola Weekend

A couple weeks ago, the Aventura Production team was given the opportunity to take part in Biola’s Parent Weekend, a time when parents, grandparents and other miscellaneous relatives latch onto their respective Biolan and see the sights. Amongst a bunch of neat events are the Biola Film Showcase and Biola Bazaar. We turned up at both!

On Friday, producers Hannah & Josh, plus myself presented “Happy Birthday Dad?” the promo video we produced to build hype for Aventura. (Check it out if you haven’t already! )

We were encouraged that the video was well-received and joined host, Jade Herbert, for a Q & A panel after showing the film. We were able to talk about the rapid pre-production process that went into making “Happy Birthday Dad?” as well as introduce a little more about what Aventura, the feature-length film, would be about. Thank you Dr. Gerry Fisher for allowing us to take part in this event!

On Saturday, we set up a booth at the Biola Bazaar, a fair dedicated to crafts and other purchasable products. We set up shop with the agenda to tell people more about our upcoming film and how they could take part in making it a reality. Whether it was the bubble machine, nifty 5-panel Aventura hats, tattoos, or the 5d live streaming to video village, we had a fun time interacting with parents and students, inviting them to check out the website to learn more. Hats were sold and thoughtful donations were made by people eager to join in this adventure!

If you’d like to make a donation or purchase some of our hip headwear, please visit our online store on our website!

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