Hey, Will You Sign my Cast[ing]?

Casting is an interesting paramount of production. You could have the swankiest camera gear and the prettiest locations but if the words that come out of your characters’ mouths are not believable, you’d be better off keeping the lens cap on. This mindset helped me to dive into the audition process with determination to find the right people for the job.

For the first tier of the Aventura casting process, we set out to find our six leads: Finn, Ben, Lucy, Lazaro, Santiago, and Alex. Casting director, Jeffrey Prosser and our casting team (Anyssa Guiterrez, Adam Lindemann, Samantha Thomas, and Amanda Darouie) were exponential in spearheading this first round of auditions.

We posted our listing on both Backstage (http://www.backstage.com/casting/aventura-48064/) and LACasting and advertised via Biola Caf slides and department email blasts. Applicants were directed to email aventuracasting@gmail.com with a video submission to be invited to auditions and considered for the role. We held two rounds of auditions, one weekend at CastINHollywood and the following weekend at Biola University. Here’s a pic of the castin’ squadron at CastINHollywood:

In order to prepare for the auditions, we had to do a lot of finagling to ensure we were properly scheduling timeslots that actors could commit to and also had to be very strong with our email organization to ensure that all the right information was sent to the right people.

It was a lot of fun meeting new people through the audition process. I learned a lot about being clear and succinct with what you share about the character for the sake of audition. I learned the difference between directing actors in an audition versus in a rehearsal. I learned a lot more about my characters, fine-tuning their descriptions as I saw the many different reads. And I learned to worry less about holding a perfect audition and focus, instead, on prioritizing what I need to see in order to make a perfect cast.

I will post the cast list in an upcoming blog. Rehearsin' soon!


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