Locating Locations: Local & Otherwise

Aventura has about 40 different locations that Finn & friends visit over the course of their wacky road trip…Yikes! Finding the right location for each can involve a bunch of factors:

  • Is the look right?
  • Is it accessible and spacious enough for crew?
  • Is it safe to film here?
  • Can we get permits to film here?
  • Can we afford it?
  • Are there super trill, film-y vibes that produce an aura of aesthetic excellence??

All very important.

With the help of Thomas Borja & Julie Linstra (Locations Squad), Brian “Inspector Hugo” Harmon (Locations Manager extraordinaire), has taken the driver’s seat to work with me in ensuring that these questions are answered and our locations are located!

We went locations scouting this last weekend and begun this task.

We took lots of pictures and many helpful notes for our scouting log. It was a lot of fun!

Things learned:

  • Getting the mushy idea of what you picture in your brain for different scenes is harder to get out than you think.
  • Meeting and chatting with the owners of different locations will tempt you to re-write the script and make it about them. Great conversations with location owners is a joy of filmmaking I did not anticipate but I certainly appreciate!
  • Taking lots of pictures is a helpful reference point for any bit of scouting.
  • If we each made our own font this is what it would look like and what they’d be called:
  Yes, these fonts are trendy and they are available for download for the low, low price of 30,000 dollars.

Yes, these fonts are trendy and they are available for download for the low, low price of 30,000 dollars.

We are spending half of our time during principal photography in the LA area and then transitioning to on-the-road. Connections in northern-California and Oregon are helping us find both the proper locations as well as lodging for cast/crew along the way. We’re taking a road trip to make a movie about a people taking a road trip to make a movie. #arewecoolyet

There is much to be done but we have much accomplished! This film allows us to take our camera everywhere from a middle school gym to a hippie sheep farm and from a desert campsite to a bustling theater. By utilizing our local resources and even manipulating a lot of Biola’s campus for small cutaways, we will be able to make the best use of production while still prioritizing the road trip aspect of production to ensure a proper final product. All I’ve got to say is, I have no idea how they made movies before Google Street View. Praise the Lord for Google Street View.

Til next time!


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