Aventureros Assemble!

All cylinders, all crew members, all donations are being called in! We have less than two months before principal photography starts, and boy, are we feelin’ it.

We the Producers are simultaneously working on promos, casting, fundraising, re-crew-ting, reaching out to investors, imitating vacuum noises as we have arts-’n-crafts therapy meetings at 1am (i.e., pre-production for another promo video), thinking big thoughts about life, and trying to fit sleep somewhere in between. 

Oh yeah, and school. This week has been really tough. Last Sunday came and found me writing a feature script and a short film script at the same time (inadvisable) for class while trying to design a custom T-shirt for another class and dealing with Aventura business. This week has singlehandedly filled my quota of sunrises. 

I have a part-time job! I captain an intramural volleyball team! Am I off my rocker? Yeah, probably...but this week has also been a week of long talks with the Aventureros, recommitting to our goal and remembering all the blessings God has poured on this project already. 

Yeah, the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 0 and Vol. 1 help, but I honestly don’t know how I’d do it without my other Aventureros. We’re living the premise of the film: that the individuals and the moviemaking process - not just the success of the final product - are the most important. Our fan-freaking-tastic associate producers and production assistants have been blessing us to an exponential level by checking things off our to-do list. God is so good! 

We would still appreciate your donations and prayers for the upcoming thrill. Can’t do it without you! 


Did you know we are selling cool 5-panel caps for $15? Less cool fact, I took this cap-selfie in the San Gabriel Mtns while waiting for my turn to bungee jump off the Bridge to Nowhere. Coping mechs. 

We need your help!

We're making a movie. Wanna help?