The Punny Express

What have you herd about the makers of Aventura?

They're ambitious, that's for sure. They're full-time film students, most of them with part-time jobs and a handful of college extracurriculars. They're passionate and inspired about this project, just short of selling their souls. Just kidding. (But am I?) 

If you're anything like me, the spelling of "heard" in the header is itching you like mad. Well, there's a reason for that. And this post, which was pretty much to wax lyrical about this glorious bunch of movers and shakers that I have the joy of collaborating with.

This dream team knows how make a good movie. Why? Because everyone on it is invested and pouring their zeal into art they care about. And we have fun. Attached is a partial record of an unofficial iMessage Aventura production meeting. Sort of.




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