If there was one hashtag that summed up this production, it would be #blessed. In the non-cliche way. So many curveballs and hurdles have been tossed our way, and constantly through it God has been gracious and faithful. 

One of the constant battles we Aventureros have been fighting (besides the one of students trying to raise a walloping $30k to fund our passion and our art) is balancing the line between knowing what God can do and what we ourselves can do within our means. Cold, hard facts vs. limitless possibilities. What are we comfortable filming? What's doable? What's feasible? What great film can we produce with the most amount of self-sufficiency and the least amount of stress and fear and risk? 

The mere idea of doing a student-run feature is crazy. Everyone knows the odds are against us. In terms of everything: finances, time, endurance, manpower. These last few months have spelled out in bruises exactly why students don't attempt features. But this isn't about living with the most amount of comfort; this is striving for excellence. This is pushing ourselves to the limit. This is collaboration. This is faith. This is saying Aventura isn't about us, or finances, or success.

This is risk: giving without knowing what - or if - you'll receive back. 

It's different from being naive, I think. You have to have a certain amount of childlike faith that God can work through college students to make a great feature film. There's a certain amount of reservation I harbor for the shadowy faces of cynics who are waiting for us to drop through the ice. However, everything we've done so far has been careful and methodical, drawing on research, advice, and resources of more experienced life veterans. We thrive on combined brainpower and a lot of prayer and deliberation, and God has continued to make Aventura possible.

Some productions are all thinking and no action and never get made. Some productions are no thinking and all action and have the same unfortunate end. I don't see Aventura landing in either of those categories. Aventura is - how do I describe it? a journey, an adventure, a work of art, a unit made up of different people sharing the same passion. I'm so #blessed to be a part of it. Wow. 

I got all Aventura-spective when all I really wanted to do was announce that we made our minimum budget, and then some. Thanks, everyone, for believing in us and the vision for this film. 



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