"Happy Birthday Dad?"

Wrapped production for our first promotional video this weekend! It's a short called "Happy Birthday Dad?" and it's tangentially related to Aventura, mainly in that it's about a young filmmaker like Finn (read about the story if you're lost). We prepro'd the thing in about a week. It was nuts. Thankfully, everything on set went well. Talent and extras showed up, people were fed, things were filmed, the live snake didn't hurt anybody important...

Why are we going through the trouble of making a short in the middle of pre-production for a feature film? There's a few reasons. We want to show our potential investors what we're capable of and that we have access to professional talent, equipment, and crew. We could have gone the typical route of indie film promo videos and film ourselves talking about why this film is going to be amazing and why people should give money, but that didn't sound like it'd be as much fun... Check out the BTS:

This was a great opportunity to test the communication system we've established among the producers/above-the-line crew. Several things were executed brilliantly, but we've got plenty of things to learn from. During our next production meeting, we'll have the opportunity to address any minor hiccups that occurred during preproduction for this short and how we can ensure that there's no room for them in the future. 

In the meantime, I've been continuing to shape the website's design and content. Though we haven't officially made our strong promotional web "push", we're already getting some traffic:

Not too shabby for a site that hasn't been promoted or advertised at all. I'm excited to see what kind of numbers we get once we have our video content to promote. Our store has also been updated. I'm still working with Bruce to get investor unit sales all squared away for our online store–shouldn't be long. Exciting stuff. 

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