What in the World Are We Thinking?

A feature?! Have we gone clinically insane? Perhaps. It is true that most senior media projects are shorts, but we're hoping to make features for a living, so what's stopping us from taking a swing at it now? There are a few of us on the project who've been on features before and it's definitely a different ball game. It's more expensive, more work, and more stress, no doubt, but here's a few reasons why it might be good to make take the leap of faith.


Shorts don't really go places. Perhaps if you're looking to make a viral video you can get recognition, but that seems to generally be in a separate category from cinematic storytelling. The chances of getting a short that made it to festivals picked up and turned into a feature aren't all that great. You can't really sell shorts. Features have a better shot at going places. 


We want to work on features. I worked on a unionized feature last month as a PA and learned quickly after speaking with different department heads that often an applicant who's worked on a few features is preferable over an applicant who's  worked on hundreds of shorts and commercials. 


This might be my last semester at Biola. I've worked on a handful of shorts and I don't want to work on anything that I feel I've got a handle on. I don't want to work on a senior media project that I can end up taking full credit for. I want to work on a project where it is so abundantly clear that there was a God present on set working miracles without which would have lead to total failure and devastation. 

I've got a level of healthy fear regarding this project. I am not blind to the obstacles and challenges. I'm looking forward to walking with God through the trials and triumphs of this project and hopefully forging powerful friendships in the process. 

What a joy to know that even the worst failure can't destroy me! Even if everything goes awry and the film is a complete failure and I'm permanently blacklisted from all future films, my value has never been in what I do, but in who I am–I'm a child of the most supreme Being in the universe (and beyond)! I believe it's in that place where the artist finds freedom to risk because she/he is completely safe and secure. I don't have to pander to please anybody except my God. What a joy and what a burden lifted!

May God bless this undeserving project in ways unthinkable and use it to bring all sorts of joy and gladness to passersby. 

We need your help!

We're making a movie. Wanna help?