Wowee. Day one. Here's a snippet:

In some ways it felt like there's no way it would ever arrive and in other ways I can't believe it came so quickly!

Some reflections from the inaugural filming day of AVENTURA:

  • I am astounded at the above-and-beyond-ness of these collaborators. They are selfless, they are witty, they are doing life WELL. I am inspired to do my best while subsequently accepted for my failures. I couldn't ask for a better team. This sort of group is something special. I am blessed.
  • It is SO WEIRD to see real, living people and real, tangible stuff take the shape of something you randomly wrote down on a word doc months back. To see hundreds of emails from people requesting "I would like to be an extra in Aventura" is almost too much to take in.
  • It takes so much planning to make a movie! There's a reason there's so many different people focusing on their specific tasks... there's no way I could do it all. I am delighted by the focus and energy the squad puts into their work. I hope they have a good time doing it and they take pride in the final product.

I had a lot more things I wanted to reflect on but I will save it for a different post because my brain is sleepy and my laptop says :

You need to plug the power adapter into your computer and into a power outlet. If you don't your computer will go to sleep in a few minutes to preserve its memory contents.

Looks like that's it for me. Orders are orders!

Dear Jesus, thank you for equipping us with the time, place, and opportunity to have this experience. Please help me to be a good steward of it. 

Yours truly,

Annaliese Franklin 

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