Days 1-2: Biola University (Green screen)

Just finished our first days two days of production, which relied heavily on green screen. In order to save money on lodging, transportation, camera car mounts, and more, our time is utilizing visual effects for the majority of the scenes in Aventura that involve driving. Director of Photography Chaz Olivier took advantage of the RED Dragon by filming in 6.5k with a low compression. Our production VFX supervisor has said he's impressed and can't wait to key the footage. 

In Aventura, independent filmmaker Finn (Gage Gallion) learns that his favorite film director will be at a film festival that will take place in six days in Seattle. He grabs his two friends, Ben (Jon Brunson), and Lucy (Madeleine Heil) and hires hispanic day laborers Lazaro (Hans Yunda), Santiago (Jaime Irrizary), and Alex (Juan Magana) and begin filming on the road. 

Here are a few photos from our set for the green screen road trip:

Here's a short montage that our wonderful Assistant Editor, Betsy Johnson, put together from footage from our first two days!

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