Days 3-5: Visalia

Days 3-5 of principle production have been taking place in the beautiful Visalia! We are so thankful and blessed by the wonderfully supportive community here! We've been saving on lodging by having our crew stay in the homes of several generous supporters. To all who have opened their homes to Aventura, THANK YOU!!!

We have been filming at the beautiful Fox Theater. This is the location we're using for the Northern Film Festival, which is where Finn's idol director Elliot Langhorne will be. 

Our fearless leader and director, Annaliese Franklin, was interviewed by the area's local ABC news affiliate:

Later, we filmed at a local church and at a gorgeous park. The park was our first instance of filming "a scene within a scene" where Annaliese (real director) directs Gage (playing the director in the movie) and it was a ton of fun. 

We were so fortunate to have a huge handful of Visalia locals come out as extras and they really put their best work into each scene. This was one of Annaliese's favorite scenes to film because of the meta-ness of it all. There was a point where the Thomas (our kick-butt BTS videographer) was filming us at work. I guess you could say he was making a movie about us making a movie about people making a movie. 

Check out this short montage of the some of the footage we got in Visalia:

We're so grateful for the warm welcome and for all of the tremendous help we received from all of the background actors who came out and spent their days working with us!

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