Day 10-11: Ralph B. Clark Park

We never got the chance to meet this Ralph B. Clark fella but we do know that he puts on one heck of a park! The Aventura team was privileged to knock out the Bounty Hunter blogs and Day Worker Camp scenes here even when obstacles headed their direction.

At this point of production you find yourself in an odd rhythm of: wake up, go to set, MOVIE, eat, sleep, repeat. Everyone's jokes seem a whole lot funnier and you face certain predicaments with a seasoned, stone-faced calmness. Every new issue is: "that's not too bad. It'll all turn out okay."  We found ourselves frequently quoting this comic-al dog: 

 Everything is fine.

Everything is fine.

We affectionately coined the phrase: "Day 11, never forget" due to the amusing amount of obstacles that headed our way that day. We had a late start to the day because we were locked out of the grip truck, Margaret the van was having difficulty rolling into position and the keys were MIA, we had a special guest coming to set at a TBD time, and time was quickly getting the best of us! It was an amazing feeling to reach the end of the day with all scenes shot and all bodies intact.

We owe so much to our roll-with-the-punches 1st AD team who were constantly on their toes, working hard to make the schedule work in our favor. (Thanks Louis, Rachel, Kelly, Jade, & Kaylor!) Being an AD is tough business & when you're making a movie about making a movie, that means double trouble? 

The honest fact of the matter is that each day was covered in so much prayer that it was the grace of God choosing to match our hard work with miracles every day on set. We are so thankful and give Him all the credit for getting us through production and the learning experiences we received along the way. 

 It wasn't uncommon for the actors to get a grin out of whoever had eyes on the monitor.

It wasn't uncommon for the actors to get a grin out of whoever had eyes on the monitor.

One of the highlights from our park visit (in addition to our Bounty Hunter's hilarious improv) was when we were short extras and asked some of the park's gardeners if they'd be willing to participate in one of the scenes. They joined us by acting as hispanic day workers auditioning to be in Finn's film. Essentially, they were auditioning for an audition scene... acting like they have never read the lines before where in actuality.. they'd never read the lines before. It was a fun moment and they were troopers. Another meta-movie-moment for the Aventura books! 

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