Day 8: Ozzie's Diner


The German word “sehnsucht” is sometimes translated as meaning “a nostalgia for something never experienced.” It’s this sensation that awakes in Ozzies Diner. If you visit, you’ll remember the ‘50s even if you weren’t there. We were honored to have the chance to capture the charisma of Ozzie's in our film!

True to our production's theme of living-out-the-script-just-like-the-characters-do, the crew commenced filming by enjoying a classic American brunch. The diner's owner, Jim, is very proud of his establishment and he boasts highly of each of the menu items. During one of our scouting visits, he proudly recalled the time that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez came to enjoy a burger one Sunday afternoon. 

Right. Now, Revenge of Kin is a
medieval western, the first of its kind. It’s a story all about three brothers who have been exiled from their kingdom by the dreaded Duke who wants to marry their sister, Camilla, against her will. It is up to them to face their differences and reach the kingdom to gain their sister’s freedom back by winning the yearly darts tournament in disguise. It’s a story of fears, fights, loyalty, and brotherhood.
— Finn Clemens

It was a fun time filming the scene where Finn first briefs his actors on the plot of his script (Revenge of Kin). When he leads them in an acting exercise that causes a ruckus in the diner, we quickly catch wind of Finn's madcap schemes and the language barriers ahead. Lazaro's line: "Do we have any Tapatio, or no?!" quickly surfaced as a crew favorite. All six actors contributed to a really dynamic breakfast. 

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