Day 9: Biola

Back at Biola,

we had a big day,

'cause lots of small scenes

were to take place that day.


We started by shooting 

sweet Dawson in the gut,

(Don't worry, the blood's fake),

the director called cut.

Next the crew went to film,

a Larry Johnson blog,

they used an edit bay,

one that film students hog.

They stopped at the bathroom,

but not for a break,

sweet Lucy had a scene

that she needed to make.

But that wasn't all,

there was more to film.

So the cast & the crew

pressed on - on a whim.


They pressed on to Eagles,

where Art renovated,

the counter to be a space

where sandwiches are made in!


For the camera's next spot,

the gang hit the courts.

and filmed themselves a flashback

of kids in gym shorts.

If you're still confused

with what these scenes were all about,

my advice would be to spectate the film

if you want to find out.

We need your help!

We're making a movie. Wanna help?