Post-Production Update

An update from the land of Post-Production:

Since wrapping principal photography in January, Aventura has continued it's steady trek towards becoming a full-grown, finished film. We have been spending our time editing, filming additional inserts, and fundraising. While post-production is less fun than being on set every day with your crew of friends, there is no shortage of straight-up blessings and life-lessons in this chapter of the filmmaking journey.

 Thanks to the dedicated editors involved, we've reached a full 100min rough cut of the film. This was no easy task to navigate hours and hours of footage and audio. Many thanks to our Sound Recorder (Jon Crowe) for well-labeled sound takes and our 2nd ACs (Griffin & Vanessa) for wonderfully marked footage to help keep things organized. An additional shoutout is due to our Script Supervisor, Jeffrey Prosser, for taking copious notes during filming that have informed our footage logs in post. Our post-production supervisor, Brian Harmon suggested we work with teams of co-editors to sync the footage and create a rough assembly for each scene that could then be passed off to our main editor to tighten up and ensure a cohesive editing style. I am so grateful to our editors (Philip, Hannah, Kim, Betsy, & Ryan) and our assistant editors (Vanessa, Ryan & Thomas) for busting out scenes and using their creative cutting skills to make sense of all of we shot. A common expression used in film production when the footage may be missing the mark of perfection is: "we'll fix it in post!"  Well, these heroes are the ones who work the magic to make these fixes. I am encouraged to say it is coming together nicely!  

MARCH: Re-shoots. Re-shoots are a normal part of any film production. Sometimes called "additional photography," this is the chance to film any shots we may have missed or any shots we realize can help better tell the story. Our shotlist was informed by the editing room and the scenes that we realized needed some inserts to help them make complete sense. 

APRIL: Green Screen Plates. During pre-production, we were looking for the most time/cost-effective way to shoot sequences that have conversations taking place in a moving vehicle. (This is a road trip movie, afterall!) After a handful of tests, we discovered that green screen would be the best way to go. We would film the scenes with the van and the cast during the month of January and we would film the "plates" (the footage that would replace the green backgrounds) in the months following wrap.  

MAY: Fundraising. Since our last update, we have sponsored two fundraisers to raise money to afford our post-production expenses (purchasing a $2,000 hard drive, sound mixing, composing an original score for the film, visual effects, color correction, and promotion and marketing for a prosperous film festival run). This heavy to-do list ensures an industry-standard product and puts our fundraising goals at $30,000. The following fundraisers have allowed us to start eating away at this sum! 

The first fundraiser was our Aventura Finishing Dinner. What a fun night! It was so encouraging to feel the support of those who have been following Aventura since pre-production and return with an update and stories from set about how God has thoroughly blessed this project. We would like to extend muchas gracias to our entertainment for the evening: Harry Scannell & Josh Nelson for their melodies, Corrin Zug for her heavenly harp, and BJ & the Rich Kids Comedy Club for bringing down the house! And it wouldn't be a dinner without some authentic Cuban cuisine: Thank you Yoly & Esther for the delicious eats and Stephanie Crowe from Bake Your Cakes for the surprise cinematic dessert! After premiering a sneak-peek at our teaser trailer and a behind the scenes featurette, the evening brought in $2,000 towards our finishing fund! 

Our second fundraiser was a stuff-collecting fundraiser! The Vietnam Veterans of America offer an opportunity for miscellaneous things to be collected and donated for them to re-sell and distribute. They offer $1000 per truck. Everyone came together and brought different spring cleaning leftovers and we were able to fill one and a half trucks!

May also garnered some academic celebration when our producer team graduated from Biola University. Con-grad-ulations Hannah, Josh, & Brian!

As we press on this summer, we are prioritizing edit-tightening and hope to have a test screener to help inform the final cut later this month. Our goal is to have the manpower and resources necessary to finish and submit the film to festivals by this Fall 2015 but we will seek out what God has planned. We are continuing to fundraise and seek out investors and will be putting the first of this amount to hard drives and composing the original score. 

If you have some enthusiasm towards this adventurous project and some spare change you'd like to spur us on with, please visit our donate page and make a contribution! It does not go unnoticed or unthanked. Additionally, keep sharing the love and spreading the word on our facebook page and instagram or twitter (@aventurathefilm). Thank you for cheering us on and for reading our lil' update.


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