Post-production! It's happening! 

It's exciting and terrifying all at once, as this whole journey of making our first feature has been. Film students joke that post-production is "where all student films go to die." 

It's true that a lot of films, even shorts, don't make it past the editing room. Post-production is an uphill journey, and a lonely one. Our crew of 40+ people has now shrunk to a small but stable 4 key players and various other post-production pros. Here's where the ones who fought to get this started, fight to finish. The endurance marathon, not the short sprints. 

However, it's so great to be able to sift through all the footage and reminisce on all the good times. That keeps us going. We also keep each other going, despite being tugged in different directions now that Josh and Brian and Annaliese and I have graduated college as of two months ago! 

We're fighting to get this finished product out to you guys by Fall/Winter 2015. It's coming together. We have a few rough cuts, we're working on an original score with our way talented composer, and then it's off to VFX and Sound and all that other fun stuff before Aventura hits the screen! 

The other heads of Aventura and I would greatly appreciate your prayers and encouragement during this time. Send us a message, follow us on the social media, check up on us to make sure we're sleeping and eating like normal know that film life. 

We need your help!

We're making a movie. Wanna help?