Not that it should matter

but you should know that when you're backing us, you're backing a real deal movie. Quite often, the first question we get after making a pitch is, "What're you shooting on?" We recognize that's an important question, so much so that we're devoting a whole page on the internets for it. Investors want to know that the epic saga they put their hard earned money into will go places and most of the movies that get distribution aren't shot on iPhones. 

Enter Radiant Images:

Our crew has worked with Radiant Images in the past on several productions and we've developed a wonderful working relationship. From Radiant, we'll be renting RED cameras that can fit in tight compact places like you're grandma's basement. Didn't think we'd be filming there? We're gunna.

Shtuff We'll Be Using

  • Angénieux Optimo DP lenses
  • REDs
  • Movi

We get to play with all the shiny toys, but it's how we use them that counts. Thankfully, our crew is made up of a dream team of world class filmmakers.