Spanish (noun) [ah-ven-too’-rah]

"adventure, an enterprise in which something must be left to hazard."



When Finn learns that his idol, actor/director Eliot Langhorne will be a panelist at a film festival 500 miles from his home, he sees this as a chance to spearhead an impromptu road trip production and demonstrate his worth as a filmmaker. He recruits his hesitant roommate, a mutual friend, and a cast of three hispanic day-laborers for the journey. It takes some clarification for the crew to explain that they do not have any electrical problems or an unpainted house that elicits the day laborers' assistance. Rather, they wish for a week of their time and a performance for Finn's script: “Revenge of Kin” (a groundbreaking, medieval western). The six traveling companions pack their bags and christen their seemingly trusty minivan, Margaret, for the roads ahead. Amidst language barriers, broken equipment, and bounty hunters, the gang’s trip  is riddled with surprises and events that test the troop’s teamwork. It is a race against time for Finn and his posse in this wacky, narrator-driven comedy that points out that, no matter your endeavor, the people around you are the what hold the most value.

Finn's crazy idea.jpg


The inspired film enthusiast: determinedly optimistic and endearingly oblivious.



The clever and confident director of photography, no stranger to Finn's crazy schemes

when someone asks you if the video is done.jpg


The rule-following roommate: Finn's closest friend and a fan of the comfort zone.



The lively jokester, looks great in a wig and aspires to be famous. 



The strong, quiet type, keeps Alex & Santiago on track

Alex CU (1).jpg


Spry teen with more personality than meets the eye, often embarassed by his uncle Santiago.

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