Support the Aventura Finishing Fund

Only a bit more fundraising before Aventura can reach its full potential. We are aiming to raise $30K for post-production to hire professionals with the technical skills able to ensure that our film can effectively reach its distribution goals. For the sake of the story, cast, crew, and investors...we want to see Aventura go places!

Costs Left to Cover:

  • Purchase Hard Drives: Ensure our footage is safe and our editors can do their jobs effectively. 
  • Sound Mixing: Make sure the film sounds squeaky clean. Hearing is half of movie-enjoying.
  • Composing: Create an original score that highlights the characters and the story. 
  • Color Correction: Transform the raw footage into all its eye-catching potential. 
  • Additional Photography: Re-shoots are a part of any major production. It's a chance to get the shots we missed or ones that can fill any story gaps we may have discovered in the editing room. 
  • VFX: While there are no spaceships in our movie (that we know of), we will be enlisting visual effects specialists to help with green-screened car scenes, large theater projectors, and more.
  • Festivals: In order for Aventura to meet maximum audiences and increased chances for distribution, we are excited to submit to as many festivals that we find to be a good fit!
  • Marketing: There are a lot of ins and outs to getting the word out. By setting aside some funds for publicists, prints, advertising, etc., we are building up our target audience and helping the hard work of our cast and crew shine. 
 With your help, we made it through production! We're already making headway on our post-production budget, but we need all the help we can get!

With your help, we made it through production! We're already making headway on our post-production budget, but we need all the help we can get!

1. Donations

Not only would your donation serve as a means toward Aventura's completion, but it would also be an investment in our creative careers. If you like the sound of this project and want to be one of the people to see it across the finish line, click the button below!


2. Online Store

Our online store features stylish products that will make all the kids at school jealous. You can buy anything from clothing to Executive Producer IMDb credit. All sales go toward meeting our post-production funds.

3. Sponsorship

We're thankful for corporations that support the arts!  We're offering three sponsorship opportunities:

  1. Any company that commits $1k or more will receive a credit under "Special Thanks".
  2. Any company that commits $2.5k or more will get sponsorship credit, which includes a logo at the end credits.
  3. Any company that commits $5k will be credited as a primary sponsor, which includes a logo on all posters/promotional content, a dedicated slide (with logo/website/slogan/etc., if desired) at beginning and end credits. Email us for more info.
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4. Spread The Word

You can join us and taking Aventura to the (digital) streets by following us on social media. Tell your friends!